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Warehousing & Storage Infrastructure at your Fingertips

Institutional grade storage facilities available to companies of any size

Short Term Storage
Long Terms Storage
No Pallet Minimums
No Time Minimums
No Time Maximums
Hourly Storage
Immediate Load Acceptance
Pay Per Pallet
Long Term Discounts
Secure Storage
Food Grade Climate Control
0-Degree Storage Facility
USDA Certified
Inventory Management
Contruction Holdover Storage
Food Storage
Furniture Storage
Flooring Storage
Racking & Shelving Storage
Oversized Equipment Storage
100% Secure 

Scale your storage infrastructure as needed, as your company grows

No Pallet or Time Minimums

A great option as you scale up or push into new markets – pay only for the space you need.

Outsource your storage requirements until you’re ready to invest in a dedicated warehouse

Long-term customers do not have any pallet minimums or time minimums. Get set up quickly and stay as long as you want.

Food Grade Climate Control

Bothwell Transport warehouses are USDA Registered and compliant with all USDA food-grade warehousing standards. We have available climate controlled options at many different temperatures as low as 0 degrees.

Set up distribution channels in Phoenix for your temperature sensitive products such as diary, seafood, produce or pharmaceuticals.

Storage on Short Notice

Safeguard construction materials until it’s ready to be delivered on site. Perfect for securely storing fixtures, furniture, racking/shelving, tools & equipment.

Quick solutions for pallet storage without the need for time-consuming schedule requests or checking on floor space availability.

It’s as simple as a quick phone call and we’ll accept your product ASAP.

” We believe that the best way for us to succeed is to help our customers grow. That’s why we don’t have pallet or time minimums at our storage facilities.”

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Outsource your Inventory Management Requirements

Managing inventory can be a real challenge as companies scale up into new markets and grow their reach. Bothwell has customized inventory management solutions available by request.

We’re able to monitor all your product under our purview in our storage facilities. You have full access to current counts, with the ability to establish low count threshold notifications across any of our facilities.

Know your product, distribute your product, scale your business. 

Common Warehousing Questions

  • Are there pallet minimums?

    No, there are no minimums. You can store as little as one box at a time with us.

  • Are there storage minimums or maximums on times?

    No there are no minimums or maximums. We’ve had pallets in storage for as little as one hour awaiting another truck to come in and pick it up.

  • Are you a food grade warehouse?

    Yes, we are USDA registered and abide by all USDA food grade warehousing guidelines.

  • Can I drop a trailer at your facility?

    Yes. We allow trailers to be dropped in doors for loading and unloading. We also allow trailers to be dropped at our distribution center for periods of time.

  • Do you load/unload equipment that is not dock friendly?

    Yes. We load all dock-friendly equipment and also non dock friendly including sprinters, non-dock height box trucks, flatbeds, hotshots, low boys.

  • Do you accept floor loaded shipments?

    Yes. Floor-loaded shipments of all commodities.

“Competition for adequate warehousing space and distribution channels right now is fierce. We believe in helping smaller businesses push into new markets and compete with the big shops.”

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