The Bothwell Vision

Watching your company grow from the front row is why Bothwell exists.

We truly enjoy managing supply chains. Moving product from A to B is the lifeblood of many businesses – creating opportunities for competitive advantages.

After over 30 years in logistics, we’ve learned that the only way to optimal supply chain efficiency is through quality relationships and continuous improvement. Business environments are never static; therefore the more we’re able to learn about requirements and changing circumstances, the more we’re able to deploy our own expertise to help your company win.

For startups, simple short-term and cost effective solutions are usually best. Test the waters, demonstrate proof of concept, or move strategically into new spaces.

As companies expand, this sort of “fragmented” approach becomes a competitive disadvantage. Too many players means slow communications, lack of accountability and greater costs. Longer term partnerships with full-service logistical capabilities allows for agility and efficient growth over time.

Starting small is expected, and as we earn your trust and bring value to your organization, longer term solutions solidify our involvement in your success and set you up to truly scale your operation.

Our promise to you:

  • Fairness

    Every discussion, interaction and deliverable shall be executed in pursuit of mutual fairness. We endeavor to treat every partner as if they were on the Bothwell team, and in like manner, we expect the same from our clients.

  • Transparency

    You will always know what’s happening with your account at all times. Early detection of both problems and opportunities in your space is critical to making the most informed decisions and running a successful business.

  • Pursuit of Best Possible Outcome for You

    In the end, it’s not about us – it’s about YOU and your business. Our long-term approach means that when you win, we win. It’s our mission to always do what’s best for your company, even if it is not the optimal outcome for Bothwell.