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Final Mile Delivery 
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Drop Shipping
Reverse Logistics
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Shifted Load Restacking
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Floor Loaded Shipments
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Process sales orders with efficiency

Order Fulfillment

Store your products at our facilities and we’ll fulfill orders as they come in and ship direct to your customers.

We offer pick-and-pack and fulfill orders within 24 hours.

Customers with online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and other e-commerce platforms find Bothwell a refreshing alternative to paying high prices to these platforms.

Final Mile Delivery

The final stage of the distribution process is often the most challenging and expensive.

We can deliver any product out of our warehouse to the Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding Arizona cities.

Whether you’re shipping across the state, cross country or internationally, Bothwell staff drivers deploy out in-house fleet of trucks to ensure safe and timely delivery wherever you need it.

Drop Shipping

The biggest risk to any drop shipping strategy is unreliable suppliers.

Drop shipping is also a highly effective pathway for scaling up your sales “bandwidth”.

Suppliers can save on inventory and storage costs by leveraging drop shipping strategies. Maybe you’re selling 3rd party products which never even touch your own warehouse floors.

Bothwell fulfills drop shipped orders quickly and accurately.

“We believe in long term growth over short term quick wins. This sometimes means we’ve got to take on jobs, or accept shipments which many other shops would soon turn away.”

Precisely manage items already in transit…

Reverse Logistics

We offer dump & destroy, discarding, products disposals and rejections. Many customers rely on reverse logistics for expired products, recalled products, damaged products, rejected products (produce and food rejections), and product returns. We also offer detailed product inspection upon retun and repackaging returns.

Cross Docking & Transloading

Cross docking and transloading is simply moving product from one trailer to another. We offer this to all customers who need to shift commodities of all sorts over to new transport vehicles. We have clamp trucks for shipments on slip sheets. Our dock accommodates dock level trailers, flat beds, sprinters, and any other equipment that cannot fit into a standard dock.

Shifted Load Restacking

Loads tends to shift as trucks roll down the highway, and pull/add product.  This happens for multiple different reasons like: traffic, hard brakes, tight turns, product packaging failure, etc. Many receivers will not accept a load if it comes in shifted. We will restack and rewrap the shifted pallets so the delivery can be completed and ultimately accepted/received by the receiver/destination.

Repackaging & Labeling

When product is ordered from suppliers, product often comes in plain/blank packages so that the customer can label it as needed. We can add your product labels for you. We go through and add labels on all your packages and/or put the products in entirely new packaging as requested.

Load Adjustments

Legal weight distribution throughout a trailer is crucial during transit. When product needs to be moved to allow for legal weight, we adjust the shipment until it is legal and road ready.

Floor Loaded Adjustments

Many floor loaded shipments will not be accepted by receivers for unloading. We will unload the entire truck, put your product onto pallets and shrink wrap so that load is protected, ready to be distributed and delivered.

“The world isn’t perfect, and business isn’t easy – products break, shift and spoil. We believe agility and responsiveness are critical factors for success as companies scale distribution efforts.”

Common Distribution & Logistics Questions

  • Do you palletize floor loaded shipments?

    Yes. We are able to palletize floor-loaded shipments and wrap the pallets to prepare them for distribution.

  • Do you process returns and/or rejections?

    Yes. This is a part of our reverse logistics services. Including inspections of returns, repacking of returns, dump and destroy of returns.

  • How do you keep track of inventory?

    We use warehouse management software to keep track of inventory at our customer’s discretion.

  • Can you use my packaging to ship my products to consumers?

    Yes, you can provide your own packaging for us to use to ship your products.

  • Do you handle oversize products?

    Yes. Products/pallets do not have to be standard size (48×48) for us to handle.

  • Do you handle kickstarter fulfillment?

    Yes. We can lead our kickstarter the entire way. From picking up the container at the port to unloading at our facility and repacking/labeling/inventory of 10,000 pieces. Kickstarters come to us with great ideas in mind, but don’t know where to start. Simply get us in touch with your supplier (wherever they are worldwide) and we will arrange freight to our facility.

  • Do you handle subscription box fulfillment?

    Yes. We assist with inventory, kitting, packaging, shipping, and returns.

  • Do you handle FBA fulfillment?

    Yes. We also protect our customers from the costly/unexpected Amazon fees.

“Whenever at all possible, our answer is YES.”

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