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International Shipping Made Easy

Cost effective shipping infrastructure for growth-minded businesses and contract carriers alike.

Full Truckloads (FTL)
Less Than Truckloads (LTL)
International Shipments
Local & Regional Deliveries
North American Shipping Network
Cold Chain Deliveries
Food Grade Climate Control
Dry Foods
Dairy Products
Fresh Produce
General Freight
Vehicle Transport
Heavy Equipment
Oversized Loads
Hazardous Materials
Single Pallet Loads
White Glove Deliveries

Door to Door Shipping – From Startups to Contract Carriers

Local, Domestic, International

Shipping hazardous materials across international borders? We’ve got you covered. Moving product that last mile over to Scottsdale? Done.

Bothwell’s trucking fleet operates nationwide.

We also leverage a network of thousands of partner and brokered carriers to expand our capacity to a global scale.

Cold Chain Logistics

Our fleet of climate-controlled refrigerated trucks are equipped for cold-chain logistics for transport of temperature-sensitive foods, beverages, and bio-pharmaceutical products.

Delivering fresh sushi-grade seafood just in time?

Think produce, dairy products, seafood, and even certain pharmaceuticals that need temperatures as low as 0 degrees during transport.

Any Sized Loads

Less than truckload (LTL) shipments mean that you’re not paying for a full trailer and there is no wasted space.

Smaller companies can compete with their larger counterparts with access to top-tier shipping services.

Full truckload (FTL) and oversized loads get the royal treatment via reefer, dry van, flatbed, step deck, drop deck, landoll, lowboy, RGN (removable gooseneck) and drayage/port services.

White Glove Deliveries

Premium delivery service means that every detail is attended to – especially with items that require handling with care, security, and added attention during transport.

Precious cargo gets the attention that it deserves.

Maybe you’re shipping hazardous materials with strict inspection and handling requirements. Our team is trained to deliver white glove treatment on all sorts of commodities.

“Our customers expect any sized load to be delivered anywhere in the world on time and on budget…so that’s what we give them.”

Restack Shifted Loads Load Adjustment

Freight Brokerage Means Unlimited Scale for Your Business

Bothwell Transport has a network of thousands of carriers that we partner with to expand our hauling capacity, access specialized equipment, and build efficient shipping pathways in some of the hardest-to-reach corners of the world.

Just let us know your shipping requirements and we’ll organize an optimal game plan for you – on time and on budget guaranteed.

Common Shipping Questions

  • Do you haul contract freight?

    Yes, we do negotiate contracts with customers to haul their freight year-round.

  • Do you ship world wide?

    Yes, we do ship worldwide. We use many methods including: semi-trucks, rail, airline, and ocean cargo ships.

  • Can you assist from start to finish so I do not have to see or touch my freight?

    Yes, we can assist from the initial product pick up from the supplier to storage at our facility, and order fulfillment direct to consumer without you ever seeing the product.

  • Do you move oversize/overweight shipments?

    Yes, we handle these shipments from start to finish. We will have the correct equipment to move the oversize commodity, we handle permitting, pilot cars, escorts, and routing.

Bothwell’s In-House Truck Fleet

Bothwell’s fleet of trucks are dedicated to customer freight in all 48 contiguous states. One segment of our fleet specializes in shipments originating and delivering in the State of Arizona as well as the Southwestern Region of the United States.

We’re not limited to our own distribution centers

Our trucks are not limited to hauling to and from our own distribution centers. We handle freight across a wide network of facilities and many shipments may never touch our own warehouses.

Our fleet is seamlessly integrated with a complex network of shipping infrastructures to ensure the best possible results for our clients.

“We believe that a reliable shipping infrastructure can mean the difference between scalable growth and going out of business for many organizations.”

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