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Full Service Logistics

Forget the fragmented approach to distribution.
It’s time to scale efficiently and grow market share.

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Full Service Logistics
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Business Agility

Full service logistics brings agility, opportunity & growth

It’s time to do away with a fragmented, piecemeal approach to your organization’s freight logistics – it’s a competitive disadvantage.

Business environments are constantly changing. Agility is critical. If something goes wrong, you need to resolve the issue immediately – or better yet, proactively correct problems before they impact your operation.

Surely, broken supply chains cost you money; however, slow reaction times and an inability to scale costs you growth opportunities and market share.

Advantages are slim and hard to find. When business opportunities come about in your space, getting to market quickly and cost effectively means the difference between success and failure.

If your competitors beat you to the punch, you lose. Fragmented solutions simply don’t work in modern business climates.

Dedicated Account Rep

You’ve got someone paying attention to your freight 24/7. Your dedicated account representative knows your business and your requirements intimately. They become your single point of contact for every aspect of your shipping requirements.

Maybe you’ve got special oversized containers coming in from China, or a carrier in rural Texas with a shifted load in need of restacking.

Your experience representative is likely handling these issues before they become problems – saving your organization money, and saving you headaches.

Simple Partnership Agreements

Longer term agreements allow us to look beyond your current project, and design an infrastructure that will improve results for your organization while reducing incremental costs.

Full service solutions grease the skids across your supply chain, improve your ability to scale into new markets, and allow your organization to focus time and energy on more important things.

No pallet minimums in shipping, no time minimums in storage allow smaller businesses to get in the game. Freight brokerage and nationwide supply chain oversight help you scale up infinitely.

Proactive Insights & Accountability

Committed relationships bring about aligned interest in seeing your business grow. As we learn more about your requirements, we’re able to not only handle all of your requests, but participate in conversations about improvements.

In-house experts with experience in many other industries collaborate on best practices to grow your bottom line.

If something goes wrong, a single point of contact saves you time and headaches. You know who to call, and we all know who’s responsible.

“Our partners don’t want to waste time, expense and speed when it comes to delivering their product. Full service partnership allows us to move beyond simply fixing problems, but to look ahead, position to win future opportunities, and help them grow their business.”

Alternatives to Amazon Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon leverages “Prime” fulfillment options to great lengths and often to your disadvantage. Working with Amazon can be a nightmare – it’s hard to deliver there. They look for any reason to reject goods. It’s commonplace to have entire shipments refused if they are labeled incorrectly.

Storage maximums mean that you might need holding locations for your products before they hit Amazon warehouses. Quick relabeling or restacking means shipments are accepted by Amazon every time.

Restack Shifted Loads Load Adjustment

Yes, we handle oversized loads…

We handle loads of all sizes. Most cross docking, warehousing and distribution centers will not touch certain special oversize projects. We have rigging, equipment, trucks and in-house staff with oversize experience. Got an oversize international shipment landing in a US port? We know how to arrange, pack and haul nationwide.

Expect the unexpected:
How does a full-service logistics partner help your business in a pinch?

24/7 Dedicated Service

As business environments change and challenges arise, you have someone to talk to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your dedicated account representative comes to know your business and your logistical requirements intimately. They are best positioned to resolve issue quickly, if not before they ever happen.

Cross Docking

Reefers break down on carriers. To prevent spoilage, supplies need to get to cold storage immediately. Sometimes remote solutions or a second truck is the best solution to quickly shift goods from the broken rig to the the running reefer.


Receivers will not take shifted loads. Without a restacking facility, carriers have nowhere to go except to return product back to the shipper. Depending on distances, a $10,000 freight return could become a $1,000 local restack coordinated by your account representative.

Mobile Restacks

In remote locations, the convenience of warehouses and stacking equipment is not always available. Mobile restacking happens in the field – in parking lots and rest stops. Overnight, we can deploy staff and vehicles to where you are, saving lots of time and expense.

Interim Warehousing

As you grow and begin distributing more volume, you often have storage requirements that precede and exceed facility capacity. Before you get a warehouse of your own, use our backup storage options to safely store your excess product. Only pay for the spots you use – no minimums.


Dispose of rejected product efficiently. Perhaps a load of food has spoiled or been rejected by your receiver. You need to get loads off your carrier trucks, and you’re incurring penalty costs. We process and dispose of products of all sorts, avoiding the need to return to sender.

Restack Shifted Loads Load Adjustment

Freight Brokerage Means Unlimited Scale for Your Business

Bothwell Transport has a network of thousands of carriers that we partner with to expand our hauling capacity, access specialized equipment, and build efficient shipping pathways in some of the hardest-to-reach corners of the world.

Just let us know your shipping requirements and we’ll organize an optimal game plan for you – on time and on budget guaranteed.

Got questions about Bothwell?

  • What are your hours of operation?

    We are available 24/7 by phone. Pick-ups and deliveries outside of 6am-6pm need to be scheduled by appt. Any pick-ups and deliveries outside of 6a-6p are subject to an after-hours fee.

  • How do I set up an account?

    Call, email, or fill out our web form to request account setup docs. We can quickly get accounts set up for customers with short notice. All accounts are set up same day if needed.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    Cash, check, card, EFS, T-Check, Comcheck

  • Do you offer net accounts?

    Yes, net accounts are billed monthly.

  • Can I contact someone 24/7?

    Yes. We are available 24/7/365 by phone 623-302-7274.

  • How do I start working with you?

    Call, email, or fill out a web form for a representative to start assisting your needs immediately. 

“If you’re in the business of moving product on any kind of scale, a fragmented, largely outsourced business model simply can’t compete. You need a dedicated partner to handle logistics, while you’re freed up to do what you do best.”

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